Former Twitter Bull Turns Bearish! Twitter Going Down Fast!

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Twitter share price is going down fast. To learn more about how to profit from Twitter refer to my Blog article on Facebook unloading at $195 ahead of the collapse. I've never missed a Twitter forecast since IPO therefore listen to.


Twitter Going Down! Sell & Go Short

The stock market is ruled by algortihms. Fundamentals do not matter. If a leading algorithm turns bearish, it starts unloading shares on retail investors reversing to the short side. As the share price reverses in the opposite direction, retail investors will end up collapsing selling their positions at a loss once the algorithm starts covering is short positions.

On the contrary, when the algorithm is actually buying Twitter share price will soar triple digit return on investment as my team discussed here.

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What about Twitter earnings?

Twitter earnings likely to be good, but as I mentioned before, there are other factors driving the markets. You can learn a proven investing methodology by enrolling in AI BOT3 having access to a complete program.

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