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Yeah, that's right we are selling LongFin (LFIN) at new highs downgrading to Junk overnight!

Retail investors are buying bubble crypto stocks. The best investment strategy is to sell them ahead of the coming crash. They're worth single digits!

LongFin is a SCAM!

Indeed, LongFin is not a value investment, but a SCAM! as reported by Intuitive Code in this famous article. Learn more how a stock goes from Strong Buy to Junk ahead of the collapse at a click of an AI botton.

Never invest your money in an American SCAM



A stock maket legend is NEVER wrong!

Make your bet. This is the best time to invest in the markets for short sellers. In this Blog, you find the best investment ideas in the industry!

It's a Multi-Billion Profit Strategy for Short Sellers

If the best tech companies in the sector are collapsing the rest will be crushed. Sell today, because we already sold at new all-time highs to idiots

Bitcoin is a Bubble! Histeria Will End Badly!

The end is near folks! We warned serious investors when it was time to warn, i.e. in real-time unlike scammers deceiving you to buy assets at lofty valuations ahead of the crash.
The Crash is Now INEVITABLE

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