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Alex Vieira issued another serious warning to Beyond Meat investors urging them to sell shares to buy stakes in undervalued companies such as Tesla and others mentioned in Intuitive Code AI Premium plan.

The legendary Beyond Meat bull does not see shares going back to irrational valuations justifying a downgrade to Junk

Autonomous Trading Downgrades Beyond Meat to Strong Sell $238
The Beyond Meat investor who upgraded shares to Strong Buy on IPO at $46 turned bearish downgrading to Strong Sell for the first time urging investors to acquire short positions now that everyone turned bullish the name.
Beyond Meat Irrational Exuberance

Last month, Alex Vieira updated Beyond Meat investors after calling a bottom on shares at $56 in 2020.

It's time to dump Beyond Meat. This is no Chipotle or Tesla. Beyond Meat insiders are salivating dumping hard. Alex Vieira
Sell Beyond Meat to Invest in Tesla

Sell Beyond Meat to Invest in Tesla

Alex Vieira explained why Tesla is the investment of the decade seeing corrupt Americans bearish Tesla spreading fake news all over the web.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein.
Investors Sell Beyond Meat to Invest in Tesla
Investors dumped Beyond Meat shares at $135 after its share price soared more than 80% to buy more shares of Tesla ahead of earnings $540 following the advise of the world’s greatest investor alive.
Sell Beyond Meat to Invest in Tesla

In June 2020, Alex Vieira introduced to the world for free PEDAL TO THE METAL changing people's lives

Alex Vieira Urges Sell Nikola Shares to Invest in Tesla Forecasting $1 Billion Profit
In his most recent webinar and livestream Alex Vieira explained why investors should sell Nikola to invest in Tesla disregarding the useless opinion of Wall Street and Main Street.
Tesla Legend Stunning Revelation 
The Vision that Changed People’s Lives Helping Them to Defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic
The past few months have been very complicated for people going through very restrictive lockdowns and financial issues. As a mother, I experienced it firsthand, but our team learned to see this crisis as a lifetime opportunity to improve
A Vision that Changed people's lives

Tesla soared to $1,800, Beyond Meat closed the week at $125, and Nikola stock bubble melted to $30. Intuitive Code offers further options in the Premium plan far better than Beyond Meat.

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