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Investors dumped Beyond Meat shares at $135 after its share price soared more than 80% to buy more shares of Tesla ahead of earnings $540 following the advise of the world's greatest investor alive.

Sell Beyond Meat Stupid American!

Beyond Meat was upgraded by Elena at $75. The legend speaks, you obey.

Alex Vieira Downgrades Beyond Meat Ahead of Earnings $135 by autonomoustrading on

Americans Crooks Are Bearish Tesla

The world is long Tesla but stupid Americans not only missed the rally as they are betting against the company.

Stupid Americans bulls have less than 80 shares falling into the category of complete morons and brainless criminals. That's a minority. About bears, these are zombies since the IPO. The vast majority has never invested in Tesla.
Buy Tesla Fucking Moron!
Alex Vieira Ahead of Tesla Earnings Sees $1 Billion Profit for Investors
Alex Vieira reassured Tesla investors ahead of earnings buying more shares while increasing his price target forecasting $1 billion dollar profit for those who have been following him since Tesla IPO. By investing in Tesla only you get 10 digit return on investment.
Invest in Tesla $1 Billion Profit
Alex Vieira Buy a McLaren Selling Short Beyond Meat Investing in Tesla - Autonomous AI Trading
The world’s best investors dumped bubble stocks as Beyond Meat downgrading to Junk to invest in the most affordable and best companies in the world as Tesla. We know how to eat unlike stupid Americans on fake meat
Free McLaren for investors!
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