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In this article we discuss the value of artificial intelligence in the Forex markets, in the most important currency pair in the world, the Euro/Dollar issuing a bearish forecast for the Euro ahead. Regardless of your opinion you cannot beat AI in the Forex markets.

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Therein, Forex investors can find our downgrade selling EURUSD at a price of $1.252 adopting a bearish outlook. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you sell EURUSD while everyone else remains bullish raising expectations ahead


Only a complete idiot would lose money in the financial markets using artificial intelligence; it's mathematical impossible.

AI FOREX TRADE SIGNALS EURUSD SELL 1.252 by IntuitiveCode on TradingView.com


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The EURUSD closed the session at new lows $1.194, congratulations to our dear subscribers. Learn more by contacting Autonomous Trading and Intuitive Code AI.

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