Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

We invest in certainty, sure things, everything that Americans do not want to, including the likes of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. History has shown that we bring prophecies, and your visions to life provided you let AI be on the front seat

  • The wealthiest 10% of Americans now own 89% of all U.S. stocks, a record high that highlights the stock market’s role in increasing wealth inequality.
  • The top 1% gained over $6.5 trillion in corporate equities and mutual fund wealth during the pandemic, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve.
  • The bottom 90% of Americans held about 11% of stocks, and added $1.2 trillion in wealth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The collaborators on this blog have been telling you to invest in real estate, how and when. Last week, I added a house to the portfolio.

Do you know why? Today I have who pays me the double. YES, DOUBLE, and it is cheap.

Moreover, the agency told me there is a queue of buyers, i.e. too much demand. It reminds me of Tesla and Avis stock performance today, companies Americans refused to invest in.

No, I am not an American cocksucker, hundreds of millions worshipped Donald Trump for years. These people are troubled minds. Their brain shrunk to despair.

Why do you think we carefully chose Warren Buffett posing as an innocent king for the famous article below. Can you even read English? Then, read it loud

Buy AVIS Mocking Stupid Americans

Avis is the first AI-powered rent-a-car in history

Billionaire Closes HERTZ Short Upgrading AVIS to Buy! Share Price Doubles in Days!
The legendary investor said that AVIS is not Hertz urging investors to close their short positions buying shares. Learn more how the hundreds of investors are making millions following the genius on YOGA BOOM BOOM! Join A.I Premium to make $1 million no risk!
Invest in Avis

Of course, Warren did not invest in Avis, Hertz, Tesla, Cloudflare, HubSpot, Nvidia, Lululemon, and everything else that doubles monthly which you were the first to learn about on this blog.

Hedge Funds Brightest Investment Ideas to Achieve Stellar Profits. Sell Roku. Buy Avis.
Every investor has a common objective, to make the highest profit in the stock market. To achieve a stellar return on investment, one has to avoid the hype of investing in stocks everyone is focused on to buy those no one wants to. The difference between losing money versus making 40,000%
Trillions of dollars follow the legend

You see, the problem is that technology has not evolved yet to the point of helping two monkeys driving a Tesla much less helping them to make a profit.

Neuralink Reveals. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett Two Monkeys Cannot Drive a Tesla.
Albeit Tesla is using the most advanced technology for self-driving vehicles it is not yet sufficient to let two monkeys drive successfully much less to invest. We know that you got used to trusting the media on a misleading campaign to not invest in Tesla that has been lasting for years.

Yoga Boom-Boom

Yoga boom-boom became the ultimate solution for Coronavirus distress. You can safely say and share with others that we make prophecies happen.

Market Genius on Lululemon YOGA BOOM! for Coronavirus Distress
Distressed with coronavirus? Staying at home? Nothing to do? Get in YOGA today! Invest in Lululemon to make your first million dollars in the stock market as everyone else. Listen to a market genius teaching you how to profit from Americans during the pandemic.

So, are you still worried with expensive stocks? Waiting for the stock market to crash?  It already crashed when Americans capitulated selling their soul on the street bragging about how great they are together.

We scooped all shares, the brightest minds in history. Have you ever heard about scarcity? I learned about its value on the primary school when we were used to fight over some good stuff back then.

Those who refused to listen to the prophecies have now to work harder than never before since a big chunk of their salary is gone if you understand what inflation is.

Happy investing, and Happy Christmas

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