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Stanford University has validated the genius feedback @realalexvieira, considering the term 'American' as offensive, harmful, and misleading. American is now seen as someone foolish.

American Banned

Call yourself an "American"? Please, don't insult other people. You shall use "U.S. citizen" at most. Otherwise, you insult citizens from other countries, the actual American continent.

Did you study elementary math at school? Then, you will comprehend the use of the term American is racist. American is not U.S citizen. I recommend that you review set theory. I can help you if you still find issues by using distorted reasoning. Jump into one of our webinars.

On the other hand, if you don't want to, which is comprehensive because most people are not willing to accept the truth, read our essays about you.

Be Part of the Legend

Get started with this one, the Stupidity of the Crowd. Boycott Tesla vs. Making Billions Selling Short Tesla, and then jump into this one, Understanding Collective Behaviour. One App to Analyse and Profit from the Crowd

If you are still unable to see the light by the end, then you will need a Neuralink implant. In this case, it is wise to contact Elon Musk on Twitter. You'll not find him at Tesla, though. So don't waste your time.

A former FED chairman said this about his country, "the number of idiots in my country is exuberant." Well, I've been saying it for three decades. Why they took so long to comprehend it might puzzle any curious mind. Alex Vieira

We bring you the Stanford Guide to Acceptable Words. Start using it today!

Opinion | The Stanford Guide to Acceptable Words
Behold the school’s Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.
The Stanford Guide to Acceptable Words

The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance; it is an Illusion of Knowledge. Genius Explains Why to Sell Short Rivian

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