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Last week Alex Vieira recommended trimming Microsoft long-term investment at $185 restating a billion dollar trade signal at $190 two days later as investors continued biding up its share price.

Alex Vieira Live on Microsoft $1 Billion Profit for Investors Dow Jones Plunges
Alex Vieira trimmed this week his position on Microsoft for the first time in years informing investors worldwide. He has been helping thousands of investors investing in Microsoft for free since Steve Balmer left the company.
Alex Vieira trims Microsoft $185

Free Billion Dollar A.I Trade Signal

A.I Vision urged investors selling the bulk of Microsoft position at $190

Alex Vieira Sells Microsoft 2 Million Shares $190 from $38 by autonomoustrading on

Dumping Hard Ahead of Market Correction?

Does Alex Vieira know something you don't? Should you be concerned?

Alex Vieira Sells Tesla Going Short $968 Shares Crash Overnight!
Alex Vieira is a long-term Tesla bull since $36 however he sold his stake in Tesla reversing to the short side. Tesla share price plunged $260 overnight after his live announcement. He explains how to become a billionaire investing in Tesla.
Alex Vieira Live on Tesla Dumping
Alex Vieira reviews
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