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Alex Vieira trimmed this week his position on Microsoft for the first time in years informing investors worldwide. He has been helping thousands of investors investing in Microsoft for free since Steve Balmer left the company.

Alex upgraded Microsoft to Strong Buy at $38 referring to the name as a lifetime investment along with companies as Netflix, Google and Amazon.

During the past years he has never downgraded Microsoft considering the name far better investment compared to Apple. The market has proven his forecast absolutely right.

Ahead of Microsoft Earnings

Alex reassured investors in Microsoft and Tesla both were going to see dramatic profits as soon as both would report earnings. He recommended maintaining massive investment in both.

Alex Vieira Recomenda Continuar a Investir na Microsoft
Alex Vieira tem um rating Strong Buy na Microsoft desde $38 e continua a recomendar investir na empresa no longo prazo. A lenda do investimento ve na Microsoft e Tesla oportunidades unicas de investimento.
Alex Vieira ahead of Microsoft earnings
Alex Vieira Ahead of Tesla Earnings Sees $1 Billion Profit for Investors
Alex Vieira reassured Tesla investors ahead of earnings buying more shares while increasing his price target forecasting $1 billion dollar profit for those who have been following him since Tesla IPO. By investing in Tesla only you get 10 digit return on investment.
Alex Vieira ahead of Tesla earnings report

Alex Vieira Live Reduces Stake on Microsoft

This week, Alex decided to trim his position on Microsoft above $185 informing all those who have been following his free guidance for years.

Alex Vieira Live on Microsoft trading $185

Alex Vieira $1 Billion Profit Investing in Microsoft long-term by autonomoustrading on

The Dow Jones plunged 300 points on Friday following his real-time trade signal. This week, he also took profits on Tesla reversing to the short side seeing its share price collapsing $260 per share overnight.

Alex Vieira Sells Tesla Going Short $968 Shares Crash Overnight!
Alex Vieira is a long-term Tesla bull since $36 however he sold his stake in Tesla reversing to the short side. Tesla share price plunged $260 overnight after his live announcement. He explains how to become a billionaire investing in Tesla.
Alex Vieira Live on Tesla 

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