Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Autonomous Trading announced in the morning that Bloomberg was reporting fake news seen as a clear maneuver to deceive investors and to manipulate stock prices.

In response Alex Vieira reported a brief list of companies paying for fake ratings and fake stock price targets in a webinar which took place after-hours.

These announcements were made available to investors worldwide for free as top breaking news available as notifications on the site and blog.

In the past 37 years in the markets have seen everything, therefore, no surprises. Scammers are too predictable these days. Alex
Shocking! U.S listed companies Pay for Nice Ratings and Price Targets - Autonomous AI Trading
Have you ever wondered how do we have more than 65,000 case studies demonstrating perfect market calls live on the tape since 1989? We’ve access to the intelligence you don’t have and will never have. In today’s webinar Alex talks a bit about how does the insider market work referring to some compan…
Futures Jump on Bloomberg Fake News Report - Autonomous AI Trading
Dow futures jump 200 points on a report China is open to a partial US trade deal
Smile Direct Club is a SCAM. I Offer $10 Million to Short Sellers
Smile Direct Club IPO was downgraded to Junk at $19.5 referring to Jim Cramer as a terrorist. Furthermore, I offer $10 million to short sellers, a Lamborghini and Porche Taycan as announced on the Blog.
Traders Are Making Millions Following Market Legend Exposing Wall Street Fraud
You just have to click a button following the free investment advise of a legendary investor exposing the truth about Wall Street. Learn how everyone is making a fortune RISK-free using AI automated trading.
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