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PCG downgraded to junk crashed to $9.6 while Wall Street kept raising price targets on the corrupt American company to $37

Federal Reserve Suspends AI Robotic Trading on Unprecedented Profits!
Intuitive Code is suspending AI Robotic trading in certain stocks listed in the U.S market due to unprecedented profits. Herein, find how to make your next $1 million dollars selling short Warren Buffett portfolio and Wall Street misleading advice. AI Trading Join Forces with Federal Reserve

Pinterest (PINS) crashed to $25 for the same reasons.

Alex Vieira Sells Pinterest $37 on American Social Media Trump Euphoria
Alex Vieira sold his position on Pinterest as Americans came back to the stock market buying at $37 after he had upgraded Pinterest to Strong Buy at 24.7
You were warned about the existence of fraud. Dump and go short! Alex
AI Vision Alex Vieira Downgrades LYFT to Junk Forecasting Crash joining UBER IPO
LYFT investors should sell their shares ASAP selling short the most ahead of LYFT share price to crash on the exchange urged Alex Vieira, an AI expert on IPO’s. LYFT valuation is absurd calling the FED attention for what’s coming.

Lyft bubble downgraded to Junk $81 crashed to $40, whilst Uber (UBER) to $30

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