Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Are you familiar with Netflix? Then, you are familiar with A. I Vision, where you can find the world's best content for investors for stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex, and ETFs. Available on the web, iOS, Android, Android TV, and soon on Apple TV.

I bring an app integrated with video, Livestream, live chat, instant polls, and LMS features. Unlike Netflix, which offers terrific entertainment, I provide unique value to investors, in other words, knowledge, power, lots of money, freedom, fun, collaboration, and enjoyment too.

As a side note, since we are talking about Netflix, the company I started investing in from single digits, learn what we have recently accomplished together on ROKU and Netflix. The former crashed almost $200 per share, whereas the latter soared to new all-time highs. I addressed both events on my platform, which I have been calling A. I Vision for years.

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Read about Richard Branson in the Arabian News while a legendary Virgin Galactic investors meeting takes place on a world-leading bank depositing ludicrous profits for short-sellers. Plus, the genius call to invest in Netflix while watching La Casa de Papel
Netflix Soars to $611 on Alex Vieira call

Alex Vieira App

Alex Vieira offers you a collection of trade signals and analysis for the stocks and cryptocurrencies of your choice. Choose from available series discussing companies in the USA, China, and Japan. In addition, he has Livestream with chat and instant polls, video-on-demand, individual lessons, and courses. Choose the series that matter the most to you, or request a quote for your custom series.

Furthermore, I extend the value of this solution by offering one-on-one expert support and collaborative analysis, running on my Nextcloud server, where you have important features as Talk, conversations, workspaces, guaranteeing total privacy.

The app experience is very much similar to using Netflix.

Let's say that you are interested in investing in Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix. Then, you get the correspondent series. As on Netflix, a series contains several companies, and for each one there are several episodes. An investment process is divided into different steps (episodes). You get access to them, including the most recent, giving one the freedom to participate in history, learning from the source, and comprehending where we are headed to.

A. I Vision and autonomous are concepts and a philosophy which I explain to some clients, not to the public.

Similarly, you find valuable content for other financial assets as cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Forex - the possibilities are endless. I have been talking about A. I Vision for years, before the Japanese.


The original audio will be published on the blog and podcast.

Q: What do you want to tell us today?

A: I have just three things to teach: simplicity, consistency, perseverance. I don't remember anything else, other than the truth.

Q: Did you call the recent sell-off in the markets?

A: Of course. I made it available on my app, but also my crazy Twitter bot published some sensitive information on the topic.

Q: Some of your content on Twitter is controversial.

A: I accept the verdict, but history judges, not humans. Obviously,  it was polemic to call HubSpot the next Salesforce, or exposing the truth about Morgan Stanley downgrading Tesla, referring to this event as fraud.

Q: Is A.I Vision, about content on the trading site?

A: No, the subdomain trading as a web version has basic features compared to the solution for professionals. The existing content on the trading site is mainly for tiny investors (non-professionals with accounts less than 30k). This site does not offer the UI, flexibility, features, content, and value of the solution available to professionals.  

Q: Are you talking about the academy, then?

A: No, the subdomain academy as a web version has basic features compared to the solution for professionals. The existing content on the trading site is mainly for tiny investors (non-professionals with accounts less than 30k). This site does not offer the UI, flexibility, features, content, and value of the solution available to professionals.  

Q: What's ahead for you?

A: I remain focused on dismantling, annihilating complexity, often starting from scratch aiming at simplicity. The existing sites might disappear in the future. I, and my clients invested in the best breed, A. I Vision, which I have been talking about for years.

Q: Do you have a solution, all included?

A: Yes, there is the most popular series and then there is the most popular solution which includes everything. All content, video, Livestream, lessons, courses, expert support is included. This plan became my life.

Q: Can I buy all your calls for cryptocurrencies for a one-time price instead of paying per call?

A: Yes, you are talking about the crypto series on my app, it includes crypto trading signals and lessons. Amazing value, indeed.

Q: Can I try your app?

A: Yes. You can try the UI and benefit from the free content for registered users. However, features like Livestream and courses are not available for guests because it would increase my cost even further. There is a free series for stocks and another for cryptocurrencies where I published some of my calls, exclusive content live-streamed worldwide. Intuitive Code has not mentioned it yet on the sites, though.

Q: I no longer see analysis being published. Where can I find trade signals?

A:  My content has been always available on a secure app where it should be for those interested in value. I discuss over one hundred companies listed in the USA, China, Japan. We have series with the company names, but also individual videos, lessons, and a course. Amazing, beautiful, invaluable, and regularly updated. Furthermore, on the sites, there is fresh content for tiny investors covering stocks and crypto. Likewise on YouTube for members.

Q: I wanted to attend Livestream but cannot find how.

A: As I said, everything happens on the app. The app comes with Livestream, chat, instant polls. Even some video content has quizzes.

Q: Can I create my list of favorites?

A: Sure, as on Netflix, you can tick those items that you would like to watch next.

Q: Can I watch you on my new iPhone 13?

A:  I have a native iOS app if you get the right plan. Furthermore, I include in the most popular plan, the coming version for the Apple TV.

Q: Are you going to continue using Yac?

A: Intuitive Code CEO does not approve the use of Yac for legal and security reasons. She has to jump on Yac to explain it. Therefore, if you were getting information from me on Yac, you are on my app today. I am still using Yac to send voice messages, though.

Q: How can my friend purchase your marvelous course on how to invest for the original price?

A: I no longer sell that course on the original platform for the original price. I did not create the course to sell it. I decided to move the content to my app a couple of months ago.  I made a package that includes the course, and Livestream sessions focused on investing in the companies listed in the course adding terrific value. I did not advertise it. I don't have to advertise value. You can buy it there if you wish.

Q: Are you still using ClickUp?

A: Yes, I have been using it for years, however, the typical potential user is ignorant. I made 50 phone calls to Michigan, confirming that no enlightened American soul knew about ClickUp. It's a shame.

Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

A: Schumacher. He is part of my life along with Senna, and the legendary French killer whose name I cannot mention here in Senna's memory. I quickly reviewed SQUIDGAME because people in Asia told me to.

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