Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Wall Street criminals have been saying for months the worst is behind for China, but the legendary investor Alex Vieira disagrees downgrading to junk slashing price targets.

China Mad Stock Bubble. the New China Tech Bubble
When I downgraded one of my former Strong Buy stock picks to Strong Sell,, I was announcing the inevitable - CRASH ahead! We left suckers and gamblers holding the social media Chinese tech bubble. the China Tech Bubble

WYNN Resorts American SCAM

Alex Vieira downgraded WYNN Resorts to Strong Sell $200 referring to the company as a scam. In 2020, he downgraded WYNN Resorts to Junk

FAST MONEY REVIEW Behind WYNN Resorts Stock Crash
FAST MONEY is the first product in the investment industry helping an investor making more than $1 million dollars based on the lowest number of recommendations and the highest accuracy available to part-time investors. Read the true story based on actual events corroborated by others.
WYNN Resorts


MOMO has been a darling stock pick among stupid Americans.

Everyone knows that stupid Americans don't make money in the stock market.
Autonomous Trading Downgrades MOMO to Strong Sell $52 Forecasting China Stock Crash
Autonomous Trading initiated covered of MOMO with a Strong Buy rating at $23 seeing shares more than doubling during 2018 to $54, however AI Perelman Trading Algorithm downgraded MOMO to Strong Sell urging investors to sell short the stock.
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