Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

When I downgraded one of my former Strong Buy stock picks to Strong Sell,, I was announcing the inevitable - CRASH ahead! We left suckers and gamblers holding the social media Chinese tech bubble. Free Stock Pick Downgraded to Strong Sell

I have been explaining how to invest in since IPO. I upgraded shares to Strong Buy within the range $33 to $37 but has its share price soared to $115 duwing the course of 2018, Perelman artificially intelligent algorithm urged investors to reverse to the short side.

Artificially Intelligent Algorithm $SINA Downgraded STRONG SELL by IntuitiveCode on is today a stock trading at $70 representing one of the largest profits for the year for those following my guidance in the China stock market.

In my opinion you should invest in severely undervalued tech companies as AMD, Nvidia, or Amazon, instead of social media bubble stocks!

Social Media Tech Bubble 2018

We are inflicting the largest losses ever to gamblers in the stock market. It's the best party in years since the bubble. There's rampant fraud in  Wall Street stock ratings!

Perelman AI Algorithm Trade Signal Crashes Twitter Share Price

Facebook is a Bubble compared to other stocks!

The truth is that Facebook at current prices is a bubble stock priced for perfection compared to other stocks, therefore it is preferable to invest in my own portfolio since you can make millions of dollars risk-free - mathematically proven based on my public record for the past 30 years.

I recommend that you buy a large stake in GrubHub, that you buy millions of share of Advanced Micro Devices, and Valero the best refiner stock in the world. In both cases you are better served compared to buying Facebook.
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