Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

FAST MONEY is the first product in the investment industry helping an investor making more than $1 million dollars based on the lowest number of recommendations and the highest accuracy available to part-time investors. Read the true story based on actual events corroborated by others.

The True Story Behind WYNN Resorts Crash!

Everything started on the day Intuitive Code used one of my forecasts made available to WYNN Resorts investors downgrading shares to Strong Sell.

In January 2018, Elena asked me permission to create a pilot program to help small part-time investors to profit from the stock market. She promised to take care of it along with

Tesla LITE for small investors

Crypto Trading LITE for small investors

With my help Intuitive Code created a free app on Slack sharing its workspace with more than one hundred invited persons who filled in a form available at stocmarketLIVE.TV.

Intuitive Code workspace on Slack is still available today. Therein, runs Tesla LITE, Crypto Trading LITE and FAST MONEY.

Thousands of hedge funds, private investors and the investment industry use my uncanny forecasts.

I strongly recommend that you read my article on how does the hedge fund industry work, or in other words, why are you giving 99% of profits to billionaires without you knowing about it.

Intuitive Code AI Downgrades WYNN Resorts to Strong Sell

FAST MONEY subscribers and the investment industry made exorbitant profits selling short WYNN Resorts (WYNN) which has seen its shares plunging from $200 down to $138. WYNN Resorts lost billions of dollars in market cap, nothing that should constitute a surprise to an investor familiar with my work.

I shall remind investors that I upgraded WYNN Resorts to Strong Buy at $54 before its share price rallied to $200. I made available these uncanny forecasts on VOD to investors worldwide.


I recommended buying one million shares of WYNN Resorts in 2015. My forecast put the ultimate bottom in WYNN Resorts as soon as it was made public sending its share price to $200 within two years. Vieira

Reviews from very small investors

Literally, you have hundreds of them spread all over the web since I started helping people changing their lives.

It is also worth listening to interviews.  I got tired of scammers on the web using fake reviews to promote their fake products. People are so damn stupid they don't know how the difference between a real review from a fake one. My reviews certainly don't take one minute with people reading to the camera. Vieira

More than a profit many should be extremely happy from the fact I saved their accounts from going down to zero.

The best is that we give the option to everyone to make up their own mind based on free will. It's a substantially different approach compared to the individual who is giving back his funds and 99% of profits to a hedge fund who is going to make billions following my lead.

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