Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Alex Vieira released a new AI Stock Forecast for his own users worth a free Porche Taycan. You can find him on Live Trading daily calling all bottoms and tops in real-time.

I am so confident on Alex that I put money in this new idea as everyone else. The best of all? I am retired. Don't have to look at what's happening daily. It's guaranteed profit. Luis

The following screenshot is from a real brokerage account. This new user started yesterday. He's the person with the LOWEST DAILY profit among all users.

Lowest Daily Profit for New User

Real brokerage account lowest profit among all users daily

You can join Alex Live Trading here.

Alex Vieira Live Trading Sells ROKU $176 Making $1 Billion
Alex Vieira urged investors on live trading selling ROKU after doubling its price target to $170. He upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy on IPO at $19. During the bull market he urged investors to acquire massive positions to maximize their return on investment
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