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The legendary investor with more than 30,000 customers has informed Wall Street that ROKU is missing earnings slashing estimates. Everyone dumped ROKU going short on a downgrade to Junk. Join Alex Live Trading $99 LIFETIME AI TRADING

Perelman said I Can Control the Universe. Einstein said the Future is Determined. Both are Genius. You're Irrelevant. Alex
ROKU to crash! Sell at any price!

Thousands of traders and professionals hedge funds are having their best year in the stock market following the legendary investor.

ROKU share price crashed from $176 to $103 within less than a week.

ROKU and Shopify Bull Legends Turn Bearish on Terrifying Stock Market Forecast!
ROKU and Shopify legendary investors dumped the stock along with insiders turning bearish warning investors about terrifying stock market volatility ahead. Autonomous AI Trading and Intuitive AI Code sold recently their stakes in ROKU and Shopify. Both companies had a Strong Buy rating since $19.

Join Alex Live Trading $99 LIFETIME AI TRADING

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