Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Alex Vieira has been bearish oil since Goldman Sachs announced a price target $200. In 2008, he referred to Goldman Sachs as a SCAM. During the past years, he issued hundreds of forecasts and trade alerts selling short oil related companies.

Alex Vieira Live

Wall Street Oracles! American SCAM!

Alex Vieira has been exposing the truth about Wall Street for over three decades helping thousands of investors worldwide.

New York Times: Goldman Sachs a proven SCAM

“Super-spike” could lift oil to $200: Goldman
Oil could shoot up to $200 within the next two years as part of a “super-spike” driven by poor growth in oil supplies, investment bank Goldman Sachs said in a research note.

Likewise, Warren Buffett is a SCAM

Shocking Truth about Warren Buffett and McDonald’s Crash
Learn the truth about what’s going in the markets including the famous American investor Warren Buffett and McDonald’s stock crash. Alex Vieira has been teaching thousands of investors for free since 1989

The Truth About the Great Oil Crash

During the past years, Alex Vieira issued hundreds of forecasts and trade alerts selling short oil related companies, some of them with zero price targets such as Valaris (VAL) and Chesapeake Energy (CHK).

Oil Crash Valaris-Ensco Best Stock to Sell Short since 1929
I’ve been discussing the investment process in this company for years. The scam once trading above $300 changed its name from Ensco (ESV) to Valaris (VAL), the end result is the same. Short!
Best stocks to Sell Short since 1929

Alex Vieira Followers Make Hundreds of Millions Short Oil

Alex Vieira proven right

Now learn how he called the worst crash since 1987 offering it for free to everyone

Alex Vieira Triggers Market Rout Making $1 Billion Dollars Mocking Wall Street!
The trader who called the best stock rally in decades last week informed investors worldwide to be selling his positions in the U.S stock market acquiring massive short positions. The Dow Jones plunged 1,000 points in one single day.
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