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The trader who called the best stock rally in decades last week informed investors worldwide to be selling his positions in the U.S stock market acquiring massive short positions. The Dow Jones plunged 1,000 points in one single day.

Learn more about the legendary investor who called the best stock rally in decades!

A.I Market Outlook Changes History Course Tesla Best Company to Invest in
Listen to Alex Vieira live on ETF QQQ A.I trading forecasting a billion-dollar profit ahead of the best stock rally in the history of mankind. He named Tesla as the best company to invest in and Netflix grossly undervalued.
Creating Markets History

U.S Tech Sector Downgraded on Billion Dollar FREE A.I Trade Signal

Alex Vieira urged investors to sell everything going short ahead of this week stock market meltdown!

Legend Who Called Best Stock Rally in Decades is Taking Profits by autonomoustrading on

CNBC explains to stupid Americans the sell-off is just temporary and it is due to the coronavirus!

Dow plunges 1,000 points on coronavirus fears, 3.5% drop is worst in two years
Global markets slid, bond yields plunged and gold prices rose.
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Learn more about the trader who made 3,000% in just three months mocking Wall Street

Alex Vieira live on Virgin Galactic

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