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In 2019, Alex Vieira referred to Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie as businesses without value reporting fake earnings and estimates downgrading shares to Junk. Start making millions of dollars profiting from his free stock picks.

Abercrombie is an American useless SCAM which has been manipulated for years by Wall Street. Alex Vieira

Ralph Lauren an American Bubble

Who is buying shares of Ralph Lauren?

The only people losing money in the markets are stupid Americans relying on fake earnings.

Autonomous Trading RALPH LAUREN Downgraded to Junk Bubble Stock by autonomoustrading on

The SEC has changed rules to help American companies reporting fake earnings and estimates in the coming earnings season.

SEC is Back Changing Rules for American Companies Reporting Fake Earnings - Autonomous AI Trading
The SEC is giving public companies an extension on delivering their earnings, in a season that is “going to be anything but typical,” according to Chairman Jay Clayton. Even with the extra time, the reports are to likely be unclear, with many companies opting to withdraw their guidance due to corona…
SEC changes rules 

From $85,000 to $650,000

Disregard the useless opinion of the SEC. Use Alex Vieira free stock picks to make millions of dollars in the markets.

Ralph Lauren (RL) share price crashed to $66 during market hours.

How's your long position doing American scammer?
Ralph Lauren live stock crash

Learn more about making millions of dollars selling short Abercrombie, an American SCAM!

Einstein Theory of Relatively Live Predicting Worst Stock Crash since 1996
It might be shocking to learn that stock prices are determined, but the undeniable proof is demonstrated in thousands of case studies published addressing the stock market, cryptocurrencies, commodities and forex. Herein, Intuitive Code discusses the worst crash in Abercrombie stock since 1996.
Abercrombie an American SCAM

Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) share price closed the session at $8

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