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Watch Alex Vieira A.I algorithm trading in real-time demonstrating 100% accuracy calling the worst stock market crash since 1987. PG&E share price crashed 50% within two weeks after his call went viral.

Alex Vieira Live on PG&E Selling $18

PG&E share price crashed to $9 during market hours.

Alex Vieira Destroys PG&E Calling Worst Market Crash Since 1987 by autonomoustrading on

Learn more how to invest in PCG with the world's greatest trader.

FED Algorithm AI Trading Nails 1000% Profit on PCG Crash

FED Algorithm AI Trading Nails 1000% Profit on PCG Crash
Intuitive Code announced that it was suspending AI Robotic Trading on PCG selling shares at $24.3 downgrading to Junk. PCG share price melted 60% to $10 since then. The FED is always right! Join AI Trading today!
FED algorithm trading
A.I Trading Small Investors Show Astonishing Brokerage Accounts Profits
The return on investment obtained by small investors using A.I Trading is far higher compared to any professional in Wall Street, including Warren Buffett. Find actual brokerage accounts showing their daily profits.
A.I trading reviews
actual brokerages accounts from users
Alex Vieira Triggers Market Rout Making $1 Billion Dollars Mocking Wall Street!
The trader who called the best stock rally in decades last week informed investors worldwide to be selling his positions in the U.S stock market acquiring massive short positions. The Dow Jones plunged 1,000 points in one single day.
Alex Vieira Downgrades U.S Stock Market to Junk 
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