Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Alex Vieira on his ROKU forecast 2020 informed investors that he turned ultra bearish urging selling shares at $164 going short one million shares.  Furthermore, he downgraded the U.S stock market to Strong Sell triggering market circuit breakers causing the worst market crash since 1987.

Bull Market is Over! Sell Everything!

Investors can get Alex Vieira ROKU forecasts and earnings call on A.I premium.

Alex Vieira Live on ROKU Selling ROKU in 2020

ROKU Downgraded to JUNK $176

23,000 Investors Dumping ROKU $170 After Learning What’s Coming in the Stock Market! Alex Vieira downgraded ROKU to JUNK.

ROKU plunged to $70 this week. Start making millions of dollars selling short ROKU as everyone else following a legendary investor

A.I Trading Small Investors Show Astonishing Brokerage Accounts Profits
The return on investment obtained by small investors using A.I Trading is far higher compared to any professional in Wall Street, including Warren Buffett. Find actual brokerage accounts showing their daily profits.
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