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Autonomous A.I Trading downgraded the S&P500 to Strong Sell along with the bubble tech sector cutting estimates for the remaining of 2020 urging investors to sell everything acquiring massive short positions. Learn more about Reuters FAKE news here!

Alex Vieira Triggers Market Rout Making $1 Billion Dollars Mocking Wall Street!
The trader who called the best stock rally in decades last week informed investors worldwide to be selling his positions in the U.S stock market acquiring massive short positions. The Dow Jones plunged 1,000 points in one single day.
U.S Tech Sector Downgraded to Strong Sell

S&P500 Downgraded to Strong Sell

Markets plunged for the sixth consecutive day on Thursday, with coronavirus fears shaving over 1,100 points off the Dow — its biggest in history — and sending the S&P 500 Index swooning to its fastest-ever correction.

The virus continues to spread globally, with more than 82,000 cases and more than 2,800 deaths. The world’s biggest hot spots outside of China include Italy, South Korea, and Iran, where the death rate is higher than other hard-hit areas.

Alex Vieira Downgrades S&P500 to Strong Sell Forecast Crash by autonomoustrading on

Reuters FAKE News

There is the imminent risk of the WHO to declare a pandemic state after authorities lied to the public saying the virus was under control not representing a threat to the economy.

Coronavirus Epidemic Under Control Including US GDP Impact Numbers - Autonomous AI Trading
State Councillor Wang Yi, who also serves as China’s foreign minister, said China had taken decisive measures to fight the epidemic, many going beyond international health regulations and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.“Through our efforts, the epidemic is overall under control,” he…

Fortunately, we alerted the public at the very top while the vast majority of investors including Warren Buffett adopted an approach resulting in dramatic losses for the population.

Alex Vieira Warns Sell Everything Coronavirus Numbers Worse Than Forecasts - Autonomous AI Trading
Be aware gambler and crooks spreading fake news! The best thing to do is to sell everything waiting for things to settle before your account might be eventually devastated. We’re seeing dark clouds on the horizon. Cash in the bank.
Alex Vieira WARNING to investors
Alex Vieira Live Selling Virgin Galactic $42 Seeing Five Digit Profit
Alex Vieira sold his position on Virgin Galactic at $42 after upgrading the stock to Strong-Buy at $8 in 2019 inviting everyone to acquire a massive stake in the company reinventing the concept of investment releasing TNT.
Market Legend Live Selling Everything Forecasting a Crash
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