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Alex Vieira who recently disclosed the real Tesla deliveries numbers forecasting a crash from $249 to $228 has reversed his position on the stock at $224. No one can beat Tesla AI trading.

I am squeezing Americans, the most stupid people in the world. Einstein has never failed. Alex

Tesla share price soared to $241 during market hours session. Wall Street remained bearish the stock urging idiots to sell short on weakness after the company missed 100k deliveries forecast.

Tesla A.I Algorithm Leaks Deliveries Number Investors Make Millions!
A word of appreciation to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for leaking fake numbers on the press offering to investors the opportunity to make millions ahead of the real numbers. Learn how Tesla A.I algorithms offer risk-free investment 100% accuracy in real-time since IPO for free
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Revolutionary Autonomous AI Trading Robot Comparing Tesla to Cryptocurrencies Ponzi Delivers Billion Profit to Investors
Watch a market legend selling Tesla on the day it rallied to $380 acquiring a massive short position. Autonomous AI Trading former Tesla bull started investing in Tesla at $36. Not even the insane Warren Buffett is buying Tesla. The only buyers are delusional investors believing in fake news.
Tesla Ponzi to Crash! Short Now!

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Common people have never made so much money laughing about stupid Americans and Wall Street crooks! Alex

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