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Watch a market legend selling Tesla on the day it rallied to $380 acquiring a massive short position. Autonomous AI Trading former Tesla bull started investing in  Tesla at $36. Not even the insane Warren Buffett is buying Tesla. The only buyers are delusional investors believing in fake news.

Not even Elon Musk believes in Nomura and Saxo Bank fraudulent Tesla forecasts. Why would you gamble?

Tesla investors continue being deceived by unscrupulous and unethical companies. Even popular You-tubers joined the Tesla frenzy deceiving investors in exchange for a few dollars. Tesla short-sellers are not entitled to have an opinion being continuously harassed by the media.

Tesla resale value crashes in the secondary market! Are you buying a Tesla or a Fiat? The quality is the same, but Tesla is charging ten times more. Not surprisingly, recently Fiat joined Tesla pool.

The algorithm that forecasted the crypto bubble meltdown offering billions of dollars to investors released a multi-billion dollar strong sell signal

Autonomous AI Algorithm Tesla Shares to Crash Twice!

You're wasting your time and money challenging the brightest minds in the world.

Every time a stupid American upgrades Tesla you should sell to them ASAP as I announce in real-time! There has never been anyone losing money in the markets selling on upgrades!

Watch a market legend selling Tesla on the day it rallied to $380 acquiring a massive short position.

In just six months Tesla share price collapsed from $380 to $254 twice. Alex Vieira, a former Tesla bull started investing in the company at $36

Alex Vieira Selling Tesla $377 Downgrading to Junk

Learn more on how to become a billionaire investing in Tesla with a true market legend.

What does AI Vision suggest to Tesla investors?

Forget Tesla and invest in Alibaba (BABA) with Bank of China best investment advisor, alternatively you may wish to buy shares of PCG

Mind-Blowing! Shopify Investor Gets $130 Million on Best e-commerce platform.

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