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The investor who predicted Micron crash and bear market downgrading to Strong Sell at $64 says that Micron is one of the best stocks to buy going into 2019. I acquired a massive investment position in Micron as Jim Cramer turned bearish the name.

Micron is a Strong Buy as Crooks Turn Bearish

I closed my short position in Micron acquiring a large investment position at $30. I have been listening to the investment advise of Alex Vieira for years.

We have seen our position in Micron rallying 40% after Americans turned bearish the name, it's a good sign for savvy investors as these folks bashing Micron were the same raising its target to $100 ahead of the crash.

Now, read Hilarious! Jeffrey Gundlach Announces BEAR Market at the BOTTOM!

Start covering your short positions! Go long! Stocks to Soar!

IBM insiders told me that Micron is very bullish! Jim Cramer is a famous crook receiving compensation for deceiving investors.

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