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Long-term investor in Take-Two Interactive since $19 has just issued a gloomy outlook downgrading to Strong Sell at $137. Take-Two shares are going to plunge in 2019 with short sellers making millions of dollars in profits at no risk while Jim Cramer, the biggest crook in Wall Street turned bullish.

Jim Cramer Biggest Crook in Wall Street Turns Bullish

Jim Cramer is urging investors to buy Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) shares at new all-time highs before the stock crashes in 2019.

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Intuitive Code Sells Stake in Take-Two Interactive PT $138 by IntuitiveCode on

You cannot buy Take-Two Interactive! Sell and go short! You're going to make millions of dollars while American scammers sink in losses!

Market Legend WARNS Take-Two Interactive to Crash in 2019

I was a former bull in Take-Two Interactive, but no more! I sold everything at $137 reversing to the short side! Hurry up before it crashes!

Alex Vieira has never missed a forecast on Take-Two Interactive. This is a rare opportunity for everybody to make a fortune in the markets!

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