Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn why Zoom Video is one of the worst performers of 2021 while Tesla soared to $3,800 and Bitcoin to $36,000 confirming what I said years ago about Warren Buffett being a dangerous scammer.

I announced the top on Zoom Video shares on the day its price reached $588 making it available to investors worldwide in real-time. You have it on Alex's forecasts and on former plans such as Live Market News were people paid less than $2 per day to make millions of dollars in the markets risk-free. Thousands of investors continue following my instructions since Zoom IPO.

I initiated coverage of Zoom Video on IPO with a Strong Buy rating at $60 inviting everyone to participate including a double bottom on shares .

I released multiple lessons and recommendations to invest in Zoom Video since then, all of them perfect.

I am no longer an investor in Zoom Video. I  turned bearish. Alex Vieira
Zoom Video Massive Bubble

Although I went short Zoom Video, I did not force anyone to do so. I told them that Zoom Video was going down, therefore, the best strategy would be buying more Tesla shares where we have billions supporting the stock.  

I increased my position in Tesla 3,000% at $356. Alex Vieira
Get a Tesla Model 3 Every 14 Minutes Investing in Tesla with Alex Vieira
Intuitive Code CEO increased her stake in Tesla, letting people know about it on Twitter. Tesla shares were trading at $389 at the time of the announcement. The More You Buy, the More You Will Make!
Invest in Tesla Strong Buy

I also recommended to increase the stake in Bitcoin for those who follow me for over a decade

BitCoin Reach $33,000 on My Forecast Announcing the Ultimate Bottom $3,500
Learn why Gold is dead and Bitcoin soared to $33,000 on my forecast. Learn why Warren Buffett has never invested in Bitcoins or Tesla. Learn how Wall Street has deliberately defrauded investors scaring everyone about Bitcoin and Tesla.
Invest in Bitcoin

Zoom Video share price closed at $345 being one of the worst performers in 2021.

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