Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Today I recommended reducing the investment in Bitcoin at $37,000 for the first time since I called a bottom on the cryptocurrency at $3,500 making all calls available in real-time and free on the Blog and social media Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Bitcoin / U.S Dollar Live $37,000

The video is available on YouTube. I have had for months a price target on Bitcoin $39,000 in case you wish to remain invested in.

If you wish to learn more how to make hundreds of millions of dollars investing in Bitcoin for over a decade you find it on the Blogs, including this one.

Bitcoin / U.S Dollar Live $3,500

I also made available this call on Bitcoin/ U.S Dollar (BTCUSD) at the bottom after calling a crash announcing it on social media

Bitcoin bottom closing short positions
BitCoin Reach $33,000 on My Forecast Announcing the Ultimate Bottom $3,500
Learn why Gold is dead and Bitcoin soared to $33,000 on my forecast. Learn why Warren Buffett has never invested in Bitcoins or Tesla. Learn how Wall Street has deliberately defrauded investors scaring everyone about Bitcoin and Tesla.

If you wish to invest in other assets Forex, stocks, ETFs, oil, and gold you have my own YouTube channel for members starting at 3.99 month.

Wish you an excellent 2021. Alex Vieira
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