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Autonomous A.I Trading called Coca-Cola the largest  short squeeze ever in markets history giving it a maximum price target of $410 selling at $400 downgrading. A crash of over $100 per share followed in days!

Because of its float, Coca-Cola is one of the most complex and difficult stocks to trade or invest in, however, artificially intelligent algorithms demonstrated 100% accurate trade signals, price targets, and ratings.

Coca-Cola Free Forecast

Alex Vieira used A.I Perelman algorithm to predict Coca-Cola astonishing rally to $410 urging to buy shares on the Blog

Alex Vieira Buys COCA COLA Major Short Squeeze Ahead!!
The worst is over for stocks! Buy now! A major short squeeze is coming into COCA COLA (COKE) as fools bet the stock was the next Kraft Heinz (KHC). Best Buy and Coca Cola are some of the best stocks to buy right now!
Major Short Squeeze Ahead!

A.I Perelman's algorithm downgraded LYFT to Junk $88 raising Coca-Cola price target

IPO AI Expert LYFT Valuation to Send COCA COLA Shares to $300
What’s the relationship between COKE and LYFT? you might think there isn’t any, but you are not a billionaire. Your opinion in the markets is worthless, therefore start making $1 million daily investing with a market legend.
Buy Coca-Cola! Short LYFT

Selling Coca-Cola $400 Downgrading

A.I Perelman's algorithm urged investors to sell Coca-Cola (COKE) at $400 reversing to the short side downgrading.

A.I Bot Trading 100% accuracy selling COKE at $400

Coca-Cola (COKE) share price crashed to $260 since then. In just three days its share price crashed over $100 per share.

Furthermore, LYFT share price crashed 60% during the course of 2019.

Alex Vieira Sells Pinterest $37 on American Social Media Trump Euphoria
Alex Vieira sold his position on Pinterest as Americans came back to the stock market buying at $37 after he had upgraded Pinterest to Strong Buy at 24.7
Selling Pinterest $37 Downgrading to Junk
AI Urges Sell bluebird bio $217. Goldman Sachs is deceiving investors.
We’re selling shares of bluebird bio downgrading to sell at $217 while Goldman Sachs is upgrading to $300. bluebird bio is likely to report an astonishing earnings miss next quarter. Short sellers are looking at a multi-million profit going into 2018.
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