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One ROKU investor made $64,000 in the past few weeks investing in ROKU using the articles available in the autonomous trading blog.

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Alex Vieira Downgrades ROKU on Black Friday Shares Crash
ROKU plunged more than 17% the day after Alex Vieira sold his stake ahead of Black Friday near $169 downgrading to Sell. Traders, professional investors and Wall Street invested $83 million in Alex’s A.I forecasts.
Real-time ROKU trade signals
ROKU Shares Tumble Analyst Upgrading to $200 is a Prostitute
ROKU investors have nothing to fear. Alex Vieira said the analyst upgrading ROKU to $200 is just an American whore not to be taken seriously.
The truth about investing in ROKU

German Makes $64,000 for FREE!

Americans are defrauding the world but Germans are not stupid! This German made $8k today, a grand total of $64,000 in the past weeks.

Many thanks for your continuous great support, calls, sharing information with us showing the world how to use Americans as Guinea Pigs to get rich. Alex

Alex got this review from Talk to Alex where many people call him

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ROKU closed the week at $132. We recommend to STUPID Americans losing money to Invest in AutoZone!

Invest in AutoZone Stupid American! Safest Investment Ever!
I’ve been screaming to invest in AutoZone for years, however, I had to move mountains fighting stupid Americans to convince them to make millions of dollars following my guidance. Likewise investing in Adobe, Amazon, Shopify, Microsoft, Intuitive Surgical, Nvidia, AMD, and many others.
Great Investment Lessons in Markets History
Investor Makes $80,000 on Alex’s Selling Short Pick - Autonomous AI Trading
Not everything is a buy in the stock market despite Donald Trump’s tweets. Bears can find in Alex’s short ideas terrific profits!The best about it? It’s free included in the new A.I premium series
Live Calls available in A.I Premium series
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