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AI Vision fund CEO bought back shares of Amazon reiterating a Strong Buy rating announced in the end of 2018 at $1,312. The market legend predicted two years ago that Warren Buffett would finally buy Amazon.

The bull market is not over for Amazon. AI Trading does not ever fail! More than 10,000 investors bought back shares of Amazon after the stock collapsed in 2018.  We see galactic profits for Amazon long-term investors.

Amazon best long-term investment for Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira sees Warren Buffett as a retarded investor refusing investing in Amazon at affordable prices.

Alex Vieira sees Warren Buffett as a retarded investor
Amazon is not a stock manipulated as Shopify therefore serious investors have less risk.

Amazon soared to $2,025 during market-hours session.

AI Vision Fund Upgrades Amazon to Strong Buy After Calling Crash by autonomoustrading on

Alex Vieira Calls Apple Stock Bottom on Goldman Sachs Downgrade Raising Price Target for 2019

Intuitive AI Code also bought shares of Apple according to this public forecast. iOS 13 is seen as a major advance.

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