Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Apple was downgraded to Strong Sell at $232, however as Wall Street turned bearish the name downgrading to $120, Alex Vieira, the legend who has never missed an Apple price prediction raised its price target and estimates for 2019.

Do not listen to the stupidity of Wall Street paying to Jeffrey Gundlach to come on TV downgrading stocks at a market bottom! Listen to the world's best investors, whom were here at a market top telling you that stocks were going to crash.

Cover Now! Goldman Sachs and Jeffrey Gundlach are Bearish!

The world is bearish Apple! Now it is a good time to buy Apple stock!

The truth is the stock market is grossly undervalued, and we have been acquiring massive stakes!

AI Trading Helps Small Investors Reach Triple-Digit Gains in 2019

Learn How to Invest in Apple for Free!

Join the AI Vision team running on Microsoft Teams collaborative app for investors and traders in stocks, ETF's, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Meetings, demos, AI forecast, Apple live trading with a market legend, free courses and much more. Available to everybody interested in the role of artificial intelligence in the financial markets. No credit cards required. No fees! Large Apple Profit Guaranteed!

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