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The consensus in Wall Street is unanimous; the legend Alex Vieira has been right about ROKU since IPO calling the rally from $19 to $490, changing his outlook to dead money urging massive short-selling in 2021, forecasting the worst crash in markets history, telling investors to get out at $484.

Alex Vieira Free ROKU long-term Forecast and trading signals

Roku is Dead Money

Even analysts with former bullish projections are now calling Roku dead money. Everyone is talking about the Ukraine-Russia war's first victim in Wall Street circles, the American company ROKU hit by "hypersonic missile", autonomous AI trading robots.

One of Alex Vieira's clients commented on Roku results.

I am glad that I added to my short position 42 times since Alex Vieira warned everyone to get out.

Disruptive artificial intelligence helps Wall Street to find the formula to make billions in the markets by selling-short ROKU stock. You can learn more about the future of investment - autonomous Algorithm Creator Live on Robinhood IPO Shows AI The Next Frontier for Investment Management Firms.

Every Time I Look at ROKU, I Add to My Nuke Short Position. Alex Vieira
Autonomous Algorithm Creator Live on Robinhood IPO Shows AI The Next Frontier for Investment Management Firms
Alex Vieira, the creator of the only autonomous AI algorithm explains the advantages of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets addressing Robinhood IPO, showing what human beings cannot do. AI is the next frontier for investment management firms.
Autonomous Algorithm Creator Live on Robinhood IPO Shows AI The Next Frontier for Investment Management Firms

Furthermore, professional traders worldwide suggested that NASDAQ opens room for Roku (ROKU) to adopt a new ticker BROKU, responding to hedge funds voracious appetite for short-selling as a result of Alex Vieira's epic market calls.  

What Alex Vieira Does Echoes in Eternity

Learn more about Alex Vieira's predictions for the next hundred years.

Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) is now expected to report massive losses since the visionary urged the investment community to sell their positions at $158, betting on the fund's collapse, an epic call available on this Blog.

"Everything Cathie Wood touches crashes since Alex Vieira abandoned her," commented another respected Wall Street source.

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The visionary bull market legend predicted Peloton’s Interactive stock rally to $165, but now he urges investors to go short, forecasting a crash. Watch Alex Vieira Live on Peloton ahead of the upcoming earnings report.
Alex Vieira Epic Free Market Calls and Forecasts

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Autonomous AI RPA Trading Robots

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Alex Vieira Calls ROBLOX Stock Crash $140 Down to $54 Today. Live Earnings Call.
ROBLOX share price crashed from $140 to $54 today while Wall Street remained bullish. Alex Vieira predicted the worst tech crash ever sharing his insight, RBLX stock forecast, epic RBLX trading signals. Learn how to profit from Metaverse using Intuitive AI machine learning and neural networks.

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The autonomous AI bot offers you an indisputable competitive advantage to invest in the markets using artificial intelligence coupled with his expertise, experience, and intuition.

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