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The visionary who urged everyone to buy MEME stocks GameStop and AMC on maximum leverage using his free AI stock analysis turned ultra-bearish, making the best stock market call in history. He recommends selling short American scammers to retire as a multi-millionaire.

Alex Vieira changed his algorithm, forcing those who refuse to follow his free daily instructions into obscene losses by dumping massive amounts of MEME stocks at critical prices.

I give you the choice of total freedom. Take it. It's free.

You find him on the Autonomous Trading Live Academy, Live TV, and Livestream, giving 100% accurate instructions.

Anyone Can Do It! Press a Button!

This week, GameStop's share price crashed over $120 per share overnight, while AMC's share price tumbled to $40.

One can make $2, $5, $10, $20 million, by annihilating American scammers daily.

Alex came out warning that no one can change the course of history, urging people to hand over Wallstreetbets terrorist group to the authorities.

The savvy 1% sold short MEME stocks, leaving the immeasurable stupid crowd holding the bag believing in the American dream.  

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