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I decided to share with those reading the autonomous trading blog what I consider one of the best articles about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, its origin, and how NATO failed. You will find the truth, unbiased information to help you comprehend what's going on and its implications for your future.

I shall say that 98% of the content published on the internet has been classified as misinformation, provocative, and misleading; therefore, you shall be very concerned about your future since you have never been in control.

My father is a Professor of History. He taught me about the undeniable importance of comprehending the value of using principles, I share with you his language

E melhor que compreendas o que aconteceu a outras pessoas, noutros periodos da historia e lugares. Se nao o fizeres, nunca saberas se estas mesmas coisas podem acontecer-te, porque, caso acontecam, nao saberas como reconhecer o verdadeiro problema, descrever as consequencias, o seu perigo real, e como encontrar uma solucao viavel dentro do enquadramento atual.  Alex Vieira's father

I develop algorithms that I mainly use to help myself and others in the financial markets. However, my algorithms have many use cases outside of this scope.

One of them is used to scan information worldwide, looking for reliable sources to make the best-informed decisions.  

Recently, I found the following article, "Guerra não evitada, escalada evitável," from Carlos Branco, Major-general, and Researcher at IPRI-NOVA, as one of the best expert insights about the conflict. So, I invite you to read it carefully.

The engaged and disproportionate language that has prevailed in the media at an international level does not help to understand what is at stake or the course of events. In fact, in this drift, it itself becomes an obstacle: it induces an intolerant public atmosphere, creates tunnel vision, inhibits genuine debate, and incites a massive herd effect that, in turn, exerts toxic pressures on political decision-making. Carlos Branco

During June, July, and September 2021, NATO exercises took place on Ukrainian territory, involving around 23,000 soldiers. In addition, Ukrainian airspace was opened to flights by American strategic reconnaissance planes and drones to monitor Russian territory.

The availability of Romanian and Polish MIG-29s announced by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, of dubious cost-benefit, only served to increase tensions with Moscow. Although you read on the western media this news leaked, it is far from the truth. Honestly, it's part of a strategic geopolitical plan where you have been given a role.

Interestingly, Carlos Branco uses Game Theory, a science I use on my algorithms, addressed in numerous articles on this blog, to explain the ultimate consequences. I remind what Putin said before the conflict started - no one will win.

All these developments push Russia into a negative-sum game. In this scenario, Moscow can even play to lose, as long as the opponent on the other side of the board loses as well.
Guerra não evitada, escalada evitável
Tudo o que está agora a acontecer lembra as recentes palavras de John Matlock, o último embaixador dos EUA na URSS: estas lideranças parecem não estar à altura daquelas que resolveram a Crise dos Mísseis de Cuba.

I find the actors on the ground have no conscience about the dangers of their decisions. So I have been humbled to explain the future that lies upon us for decades. Fortunately, my insight helped thousands prepare for what's coming; consequently, the markets proved my view accurate.

Republican Lindley Graham, who is known for his aggressive interventionist positions, came to suggest the assassination of Putin. Unsurprisingly, Meta (former Facebook) incites indiscriminate violence, the Metaverse world they want you to live in.

I strongly recommend finding the truth for yourself and how you will use it. Success depends on how you will make decisions.

If you wish to learn who is behind this conflict, you only need to answer a simple question: who benefits from it?

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