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Alex Vieira has had his Twitter account open to the public for years, however, ahead of the recent mass hacking attack, he blocked all followers and its Twitter accounts days before the attack. He urged investors buying shares seeing Twitter doubling in 2020 according to his forecast.

We are ahead of the news. Everything else is merely a scam.  Let them discuss the sex of the angels, that's what they do best, while looking for web traffic. Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira urged investors buying Twitter shares seeing the stock doubling in 2020 to his $40 price target.

Legendary Twitter Investor Earnings Forecast Predicts Stock to Double in 2020
Twitter shares jumped to $39.5 after the company reported earnings according to the legendary investor forecast who called a bottom on shares at $20 in 2020 upgradings to Strong Buy urging investors to acquire a massive investment position.
Alex Vieira Live Ahead of Twitter Earnings

A.I Algorithms Rule the Universe

We've been explaining that only outrageously stupid people have not invested in Tesla yet after we published more than one hundred calls in the past few months referring to the most extraordinary and affordable stock in the world.

If you don't think that A.I could outsmart you, you're an idiot. Elon Musk.
Tesla is not a stock for idiots. If you did not invest in Tesla, you're an idiot. Alex Vieira
I know how to control the universe. Grigori Perelman

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You can listen to Alex Vieira instructions for Twitter investors in 2020

Twitter closed the week at $37.5. Autonomous Trading blocked all public Twitter followers.

Those who create history don't need to gather attention on social media or followers.

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