The Role and Value of Artificial Intelligence in the Forex Markets Euro / Dollar

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We have published thousands of articles demonstrating that almost everything you read on the web telling you how to invest in the finalcial markets is a scam.

Nowadays if someone claims that he knows the secret formula to invest in the markets, we can guarantee that you are before the next big American scammer, Madoff, Bill Ackman, Cramer, Andrew Left, or Elisabeth Holmes.

We surely remember Elizabeth Holmes standing near Bill Clinton, as well as her on Forbes cover magazine, seen by the American media and society as the next Steve Jobs - the fact is that she is one of the greatest frauds of all-time.

What's the correlation between Elizabeth Holmes fraud and the content available on Google discussing the Forex markets?

There is an extraordinary high correlation equal to 1. Both are useless, fradulent, dangerous and pointless. The content is made available by amateurs, journalists, incompetents and scammers. None has a proven track record, nor capital to invest.

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