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Investing in Tesla became more than just a story about value, a fight against the oppressor, countries that cultivate slavery, the establishment, and Wall Street crooks representing the worst in the human species.

The reasons my team invested in Tesla are known. My reasons are known too. I mentioned them in my course 'The Foundation".

In this blog, you find numerous articles of great value that have changed the lives of so many, but I picked up this one because it changed, implicitly and explicitly, the lives of millions of people.

Autonomous Trading Investing in Tesla vs. Saudi Aramco IPO
Autonomous Trading, the world authority on oil and Tesla trading, compares investing in Tesla to Saudi Aramco IPO ahead of debut in December. The world leader is present everywhere, creating market history.
Investing in Tesla vs. Saudi Aramco

Explicitly, because I know lots of people who were almost forced to buy shares of companies like Aramco and Berkshire Hathaway to please their friends and the establishment, but they said no instead, preferring to invest in Tesla by following autonomous AI long-term vision.

Number 1 Tech Trend that Will Shape the Coming Decade: Automation AI RPA. Watch it Live on Tesla Today.
Learn about the top trends for the coming decade and how you can start profiting from them. In this article, we address investing in Tesla, and what’s ahead for autonomous robotic AI trading
Autonomous AI RPA investing in Tesla

And, implicitly, because it profoundly impacted millions of people, even those who never invested in the markets.  

Fortunately, many people living under the oppressor woke up moving abroad. But, unfortunately, others remain there fighting for their countries. Yet, others cannot speak publicly, being afraid of retaliations. I can tell you that we would have thousands more reviews today if people were not still scared.

Recently, Saudi Aramco CEO warned of social unrest if new investment in fossil fuels ends too quickly. We call it fear; it is a natural human emotion that usually manifests itself before death.

Saudi Aramco CEO warns of social unrest if new investment in fossil fuels ends too quickly
Nasser’s remarks come amid growing pressure on oil and gas producers to limit production of climate-changing fossil fuels.

New Buying Opportunity Today

Today, we bought more shares of a company I referred to a while ago as potentially having more upside than Tesla going into 2022, at least its valuation is outrageously low compared to Tesla

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