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Autonomous Trading, the world authority on oil and Tesla trading, compares investing in Tesla to Saudi Aramco IPO ahead of debut in December. The world leader is present everywhere, creating market history.

Aramco IPO will begin on December 4th; the shares will start trading on the Saudi Tadawul exchange on December 11th.

Currently, there is no price range for Aramco IPO, making it challenging to tell investors whether it is worthwhile to invest in; however, the autonomous team decision is explicit. I briefly describe our reasoning here.

Investing in Tesla vs. Aramco

I aim to help you choose the best investment option that represents the highest return on investment long-term while addressing your questions.

Which is the best stock to buy?

Tesla is our number one investment position, being the most undervalued asset trading on the exchanges worldwide.

Should I Not Invest in Aramco?

No, you should not invest in Aramco since it is not a growth story and will never be a growth story. In addition, Aramco is dead money compared to investing in Tesla.

My friends tell me to invest in low P/E. Aramco seems to fit Warren Buffett's model.

You are correct in saying that Warren Buffett is unlikely to invest in Tesla, preferring to invest in Aramco; however, Warren Buffett is not an investor but an American marketing aberration instead. Furthermore, no one has ever made severe profits in the stock market, making decisions based on misconceptions like low P/E (price to earnings).

Should I not be concerned with Tesla's stock volatility?

No, according to our AI algorithm, Tesla's stock volatility represents a lifetime opportunity to invest in, disregarding the useless opinion of those who permanently look at volatility as a threat. Having said this, we expect Aramco volatility to be the opposite of Tesla, i.e., very low, being one more reason to do not invest in Aramco long-term.

Which is Aramco's biggest threat?

According to our model, Aramco's IPO is one decade late. So by investing in Tesla, you are investing in the future. By investing in Aramco, you are investing in the past.

Should I buy Tesla shares today?

Yes, disregard Saudi Aramco IPO. Invest in Tesla. I recommend reading Alex Vieira's article on how to make $1 million on Tesla today.

How to Make $1 Million Today on Tesla
Alex Vieira offers clear instructions based on actual data to comprehend the importance of being there since inception while everyone else does not have the discipline and commitment.
Make $1 million investing in Tesla.
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