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Alex Vieira demonstrates perfect timing publishing SmileDirectClub case study ahead of a stock crash urging investors to go short the stock reiterating a junk rating.

Perfect Timing

Perfect timing publishing SmileDirectClub case study on the Blog ahead of a stock crash. SmileDirectClub closed the session at $15.3

A Market Genius! Legendary! Remarkable! Brilliant!
Alex Vieira explains why did he close the short position on SmileDirectClub becoming an investor in the troubled company seeing clear potential for a surprising rally.
Market Genius! Brilliant!

Sell & Go Short Today!

Follow the legend. Sell SmileDirectClub and go short today!

Market Genius Downgrades SmileDirectClub Stock Plunges 20% Overnight - Autonomous AI Trading
Alex Vieira downgraded SmileDirectClub yesterday at $15. Recently, he called a bottom on shares at $8 Invest in Tesla. Alex
Dump! Dump! Dump!

SmileDirectClub share price crashed after the company missed earnings estimates. Congratulations! Avoid investing in American SCAM's

Congratulations! Never invest in American SCAM's

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