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Alex Vieira explains why did he close the short position on SmileDirectClub becoming an investor in the troubled company seeing clear potential for a surprising rally.

Alex is not available to comment other than

98% of Americans are ugly; need their teeth fixed. I'm long.
SmileDirectClub a Hidden Gem

The stock doubled since Alex urged investors to buy shares.

On IPO, Alex Vieira doubled his initial offer of $10 to $20 million dollars to investors who followed his guidance selling short SDC from $19.6 down to $8

Smile Direct Club is a SCAM. I Offer $10 Million to Short Sellers
Smile Direct Club IPO was downgraded to Junk at $19.5 referring to Jim Cramer as a terrorist. Furthermore, I offer $10 million to short sellers, a Lamborghini and Porche Taycan as announced on the Blog.
SDC to crash down to $8
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