Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Today, I bring you the visionary who called Robinhood rally to $85, downgrading to Junk. In addition, he made available his forecast entirely free on the web for anyone interested in making their first million dollars by selling short the stock since then, while investing in Tesla.

Alex, you said that no one could beat AI. You're always right, and Robinhood's share price crashed to $34 after reporting a terrible quarter. On the other hand, Tesla soared to $1,168 today. Any comments?

Robinhood share price meltdown

I said, years ago, that we are before the most rational stock market ever.  Elon Musk warned people about AI. Robinhood crashed, and Tesla soared. Fully automated AI Trading, zero-risk investment, 100% accuracy confirmed since 1989. I made available both, 100% free.

Indeed! Wallstreetbets defrauded the world, luring naive to gamble in risky assets, GameStop, Virgin Galactic, and Robinhood while you have been doing your best, helping everyone without asking for any compensation.

That's correct. Americans have been using social media to defraud the ignorant crowd who continues believing in miracles.

So, AI tells us the price target, upside, downside, rating, and investment direction. Then, you show it working on the tape, demonstrating 100% accuracy. Then, people only need to press a button. Am I right?

That's correct. And, you are instantaneously rich. Watch the video recorded on the day Robinhood reached 85 dollars. I called the perfect top before its share price got to 85. I did the same on AMC 75. Virgin Galactic, 59. Repeating it twice during 2021, and GameStop, 343.

So, why are people following Wall Street analysts' price targets?

You have to ask them whether they find it useful. For example, Morgan Stanley downgraded Tesla to single digits in 2019 when we wrote an article on the blog upgrading Tesla to Strong Buy. Back then,  wall street websites reported record traffic numbers, and advertisements soared to record highs while people were selling the stock short.  We were buying informing everyone on the blog and every single platform.

Striking how people are foolish. They never learn the lesson, no matter what. Thank you so much for clarifying our minds. Did you know that no one can find Jim Chanos, the one known as Maximum Short Tesla?

I'm not surprised; start looking for him in Singapore, where American con artists live.

It's puzzling how people continue believing in billionaires' headlines. The media uses them to lure the crowd—Bye-bye for now.

AI Vision - Envisioning the Future

Intuitive Code works closely with leading experts in trading and investment as Alex Vieira.

Autonomous Algorithm Creator Live on Robinhood IPO Shows AI The Next Frontier for Investment Management Firms
Alex Vieira, the creator of the only autonomous AI algorithm explains the advantages of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets addressing Robinhood IPO, showing what human beings cannot do. AI is the next frontier for investment management firms.
Alex Vieira Live on Robinhood trading

Since the beginning, Alex Vieira has believed that technology is key to building a happier and more fulfilling future for all. So, back in 1989, he began as a pioneer in the Information Revolution, envisioning the future after completing his MSc in Engineering from the UMIST in England.  Alex started discussing the next chapter of our endeavor, the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, before anybody else. He has been explaining the future that lies upon us. The way we live, communicate, travel, work, and plan for disruptions during the process. He shares his vision with investors aspiring to succeed while shaping the future together. Intuitive Code brings AI Vision, the most popular solution among professionals, including his famous and genius ETF calls that accurately predict markets evolution.

The App to Consistently Outperform

Alex Vieira brings an experience similar to Netflix with additional rich features as Livestream, LMS, polls, Live chat, whiteboard for anybody interested in the markets. Alex focuses on creating immediate value envisioning the future.

Our offering embraces the needs of small and enterprise users such as hedge funds, investment banks, and private equity firms. He offers you an indisputable competitive advantage using artificial intelligence coupled with his expertise, experience, and intuition.

We deliver content as video-on-demand, Live stream, and LMS. In addition, we make online events more exciting, fun, and engaging by including comments on the videos, Live chat, and instant polls in the collaborative app. A pack is like a collection of multiple investment intelligence series across different categories. In addition, a pack may include content delivered as video-on-demand and Live stream.

Furthermore, we offer users the flexibility of choosing one video only or creating their series focused on the companies and categories of their interest. The content is accessible on your browser, but we also have native apps for iOS. Android. Android TV, and Apple TV.

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