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This is my safe journey driving a Tesla to the bank in the middle of the worst riots since 1960. Hopefully, you will get to the bank as well using the safety measures described here while getting rich.

I woke up early in the morning, looked out of the window, and immediately felt unsettled by the horrendous view. Protesters were all over the place threatening to turn my journey to the bank into a hell of an experience.

Are they looking for me?

I needed to calm down before calling the bank manager. Needless to say, I no longer use phones, calls are traceable, hence an appointment using Zoom Video, the next generation tool for efficient communications.

Then, as Warren Buffett was used to say - be there when everyone else is fearful - I had to prepare my safe journey on the Tesla buying hard pre-market while the crowd was tuned into the latest TV news - U.S President in the Bunker!

I still had time to help others get into the safest journey. Have you ever tried a Tesla to escape from Sleepy Joe, Trump and Riots? It's strongly recommended. It's quiet even on ludicrous speed.
Riots? I am on a Tesla LUDICROUS SPEED and Profits ENGAGED! - Algorithm AI Trading Financial Live News
Unsettled with what’s going on in the streets across the US empire? No worries. FED Jerome Powell promised to Americans a solution to their financial problems using unprecedented measures. Credit shall be given to those who deserve, FED Powell is winning. Have you ever tried a Tesla to escape from S…
Buy Tesla! I am going out at ludicrous speed

I was not ready yet to go out. How am I going to calm down? Suddenly, I remembered the advise of a genius - Getting into YOGA Boom!

If Yoga worked for the coronavirus distress might very well work for riots.

Now, I had my journey all planned. I named it Fully Secured  Safe Journey in tribute to Elon Musk.

Lululemon YOGA Boom for RIOTS 2020

Finally, I was so calm I felt like listening to the birds on the New York Times once again before jumping into the wild on my Tesla.

Listen to the Birds

Left the house, pedal down, ludicrous speed engaged all the way to the bank!

When I arrived, I did not have to wait on queues, everything was carefully planned in advance on my pre-market Zoom Video meeting. The bank manager put a smile although a weird semblance when he looked at me still wearing my black Lululemon Yoga pants.

Calmly, I said "Donald, would you be so kind to deposit this check?", he promptly responded loud to the world! "FULLY SECURED, GOD BLESS YOU, ALEX!"


On the way back home, I had to stop on America's Best Restaurant - Chipotle

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Chipotle American Best Restaurant
America Best Restaurant

Drive Safely!

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