Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Indeed! Chipotle savvy investors following the stock market legend are having their best year in the stock market! Participate in Chipotle Carne Asada review.

Why I am a Billionaire and Believer in Chipotle is My Life
Watch it here live! Why we are billionaires! Chipotle market cap. doubled since AI Vision CEO, Alex Vieira, upgraded shares to Strong Buy, the inventor of Chipotle is My Life, after accurately predicting its crash in the past years.

Chipotle share price soared 3,5% for the day as Americans are lining up to taste carne asada!

Americans are used to eat corn and chips. Carne Asada is the best they can get. Alex

If you prefer Veggie Burgers you might get a diarrhea

Autonomous Trading Downgrades Beyond Meat to Strong Sell $238
The Beyond Meat investor who upgraded shares to Strong Buy on IPO at $46 turned bearish downgrading to Strong Sell for the first time urging investors to acquire short positions now that everyone turned bullish the name.
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