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Learn the true story behind Palantir stock crash and the terrorist group Reddit Wallstreetbets who defrauded everyone gambling in Palantir, AMC, and GameStop.

In 2020, I made available a large number of low cost stock analysis to help small investors outperform in the markets. I published numerous case studies using the content of those analysis. I still have over one hundred case studies to publish!

In 2021, I continued doing the same, releasing one of the most popular items, my Palantir (PLTR) downgrade to Strong Sell available on sites and in the app worldwide.

Palantir Like Stock Analysis

I had no questions or any sort of doubts about the value of Palantir (PLTR) analysis and the final outcome explicitly using the title STRONG SELL inviting everyone to make their first million dollars in the markets, so simple it is.

I sold it for $750 seeing investors who joined me in the app stop losing money getting rich instead.

I learned from Reddit Wallstreetbets, the terrorist group, were calling Palantir worth $150, and GameStop shares to soar above $1,500. We sold our positions going short instead.  

We still fail to comprehend why people fight destiny. I lose money every time I try to fight destiny.

Michael Jackson is Back Making Even More Than Before. Legend Shows Einstein’s Theory is True.
Sometimes you have to die, starting from scratch, learning about what really matters in life to find the best comeback from death. Death is not an end, common beliefs are. Death is just your best starting point.
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