Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Alex recorded on video what Tesla share price is going to do until years'e end giving it to Wall Street. Tesla share price has been following this pattern forecast to the dollar since then.  

Know the Future Watching it Live Before it Happens!

When an investor purchases one of Alex stock forecasts on VOD (video-on-demand) he is paying to know the future with remarkable precision.

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Artificial Intelligence Live Traders Interview 1300% ROI

Intuitive Code team is Using Alex's VOD

Elena, the account manager responsible for Tesla Lite and Fast Money placed today a large short position in Tesla at a price of $300.4, minutes before the news hit the wire sending Tesla price down more than $20 per share.

Elena shared this information with subscribers to Tesla Lite and AI BOT 5 PLUS. She has been using Alex's most recent VOD to make millions of dollars trading Tesla stock without any risk.

Elena and her subscribers sold their Tesla long positions at a price of $379 going short after Alex named Elon Musk Lunatic and Liar.

I have been using the same video as everyone else. It's perfect. Tesla share price is doing precisely what Alex continues describing in his videos since IPO.

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