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The worst is yet to come therefore Tesla investors have to be prepared for it as soon as news are released. Everyone is going to make millions of dollars dumping on Elon Musk tweet going short! It's your last chance!

Dumping Tesla at $382 on Elon Musk Fraudulent Tweet

We are very pleased to see Tesla share price rallying to $385 as bulls come in full force ahead of the SEC meeting, but the worst is yet to come, therefore dump now!

Autonomous Trading Sells Tesla Stake on Musk Tweet Going Private by IntuitiveCode on

Tesla investors be aware! The worst is yet to come! Fraud has very negative implications!

Saudis to the Rescue? Dump on Them Today! SEC is Coming!

Tesla investors have been scammed by the fraudulent news on the media about Saudi Arabia interested in taking Tesla private.

Tesla share price plunged to $307 on today's session on the exchange making it the biggest loser for the week. There's no surprise - listen to the world's best trader commenting on Tesla future!

Tesla Fraud Class Action What Investors Shall Do

Closing Bell Update

Tesla closed the session at $306. Intuitive Code removed the $49,000 offer for Tesla LITE included in AI BOT 5+ for orders placed from today onwards due to humungous profits.

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