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The legend who offered a Tesla Roadster to Nikola short-sellers issued another trade alert in the autonomous trading live news app joking about offering a Tesla Roadster Space X Edition, but the matter of fact is that the stock made an astonishing move in days with investors SHOCKED!

I am speechless; I have to stop giving Tesla's Roadsters immediately. I have no idea what happened. Alex Vieira

Be the first to learn about what really matters to investors in the markets by purchasing a license for one-year to use the live market news app.We recommend this app for those who do not have budget for A.I Premium and A.I Trading.Learn how you can win a Tesla Roadster Founders Edition following the legendary Tesla investor Alex Vieira.

Intuitive Code project started in 1989, named Perelman A.I algorithm in tribute to the Russian mathematician, Grigori Perelman. Our team shares Einstein’s and Perelman’s values and principles. We believe that the only true source of knowledge is experience and the only thing of real value is intuition.


To empower investors with highly accurate analysis, teaching them how to use it using a proven methodology together with our profound and extensive experience, intuition, and knowledge to obtain an outcome far superior to any other market participant.

Intuitive Code Tesla and Overstock Investor Makes $11 Million Within Five Months
Learn how investors have never made so much money in the markets following the advise of the legendary Alex Vieira. Alex Vieira Calls Overstock 40 Bagger Profit! Peter Lynch is History!
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