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You are not going to want to invest in Nikola after learning that you can get a Tesla Roadster Founders Edition 100% free by selling short Nikola stock!

Get a Tesla Roadster Founders Edition 100% free today! It's the world's best car. Alex Vieira

Tesla Roadster Founders Edition

The Tesla Roadster Founders Edition is the world's best car at an affordable price. It's an investment unlike purchasing other cars which represents a liability. It's pretty much like getting Intuitive Code A.I trading app to make millions of dollars in the markets using the most accurate, reliable and consistent A.I algorithms.

Intuitive Code A.I Trading app

How to Get Your Tesla Roadster Founders Edition?

Follow the instructions of a Tesla legend! Dump Nikola and Go Short! Tesla is the only real company. Everything else is an optical illusion.

The only people speculating on Nikola Corporation are Americans who missed Tesla rally or Tesla short-sellers. For this reason, you shall never listen to an American otherwise you end up bankrupt.
Alex Vieira Live on Nikola

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